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StarkNetCC Lisbon

A folk history of StarkNet | Sylve Chevet

SmartCon 2022

StarkNet – Unleashing the Power of L2 dApps | Gal Ron

STARKVietnam Conference 2022

Vietnam's First StarkNet Conference


StarkNet Next Steps | Eli Ben-Sasson


STARK Recursion | Avihu Levy


STARK Recursion | Avihu Levy



Why is Visa excited about StarkNet?

Visa Explores Crypto Auto-payments on Ethereum + Binance, BlockFi Updates

Empire podcast – StarkWare, L3s and the ZK Rollup Future | Eli Ben-Sasson, Uri Kolodny

“StarkWare isn’t Leaving Ethereum” / Eli Ben-Sasson and Uri Kolodny at Bankless

Encode AMA with Tom Brand, about StarkNet and more

Super Scaling with StarkWare at Bankless

The Delphi Podcast – Starkware: Transacting on Starkware’s Live ZK-Rollups and Building a Vibrant Ecosystem of dApps

Snapshot & StarkWare on StarkVote/ Nathan Heyden & Avihu Levy @ The DAOist Lisbon

The Blockcrunch Podcast with Jason Choi: “This is the future of Ethereum scaling”

StarkNet: Decentralized and Permissionless ZK-Rollups

Twitter Spaces



STARK SPACES | StarkNet Regenesis


Twitter space pt.1: Kakarot, a ZK-EVM written in Cairo.

Twitter space pt.2: Kakarot, a ZK-EVM written in Cairo. Twitter space part 2

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STARK @ Home 28: Unlocking the Magic

Exploring the Future of Magic The Gathering with StarkNet

STARK @ Home 27: Recursing on Recursion

Recursive STARKs are now used daily to scale Ethereum, on StarkEx and StarkNet.

STARK @ Home 26: Shafi Goldwasser and the Amazing Untold Invention Story of ZK

STARK @ Home 25: Warp Away! From Solidity to Cairo

STARK @ Home 24: Fireside chat with Professor Dan Boneh

STARK @ Home 23: In Mathematics We Trust

STARK @ Home 22: Cairo Whitepaper Redux

STARK @ Home 21: StarkNet Planets – The Game is On!

STARK @ Home 20: With Madhu Sudan – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

STARK @ Home 19: Computational Integrity

STARK @ Home 18: T+epsilon – Capital Efficiency on L2-DeFi

STARK @ Home 17: The Value of Errors in Proofs

STARK @ Home 16: Recursive STARKs

STARK @ Home 15: Shrinking Proofs via Cryptographic Sampling

STARK @ Home 14: One STARK to Rule Them All

STARK @ Home 13: Dark Forest Escape Route

STARK @ Home 12: How 2 L2 STARK?

STARK @ Home 11: Preserving Mathematical Distancing

STARK @ Home 10: Zero-Knowledge – The Known Unknown

STARK @ Home 9: ethSTARK – Open Source STARK (Fastest Prover Included)

STARK @ Home 8: Time-Warping STARKs

STARK @ Home 7: The Cambrian Explosion of Crypto Proofs

STARK @ Home 6: Deep FRI Dive

STARK @ Home 5: The Sounds of Soundness

STARK @ Home 4: Hot Air*: Programming for Succinct ZKPs

STARK @ Home 3: Let's do Arithmetic: Why are polynomials used in succinct ZK proofs?

STARK @ Home 2: Fast and Furious {Fourier Transforms, PCPs, STARKs}

ZKStudyClub: Eli Ben-Sasson on Blockchains and Scalable ZKPs



Crypto Gurkha | Walk the Talk SZN2 EP 3

Motty, CEO and founder of Braavos wallet talks about Braavos and the newest feature - Hardware signer

Crypto Gurkha | Walk the Talk SZN2 EP 4

Louthing, talks about on-chain gaming

StarkNet House


StarkNet House Weekly Session 0

"What are zk-STARKs?" | Eli Ben-Sasson

StarkNet House Weekly Session 1

"Let’s build on StarkNet - Cairo 101" | Lucas Levy

StarkNet House Weekly Session 2

"Everything about StarkNet Wallets" | Julien, Yoav & Tarrance