StarkNet Hackathon Amsterdam 

April 25-26, 2022


75-87 Nes, Amsterdam, NH, 1012 KD


This event is all done.
Don’t worry, we will have more events!

Final Ceremony Twitter Thread

Winning projects


Team Name

Project Info

Project Repo

Briq A spinoff for the “Stardew Valley” game, built on StarkNet. Link
Team-Brewery ArgentX browser extension for StarkNet. Link
Randomfeedooooor This project sources random numbers from drand and publishing them to Pontis, an oracle on StarkNet. Link
StarkDIT Using StarkNet React with Next.js. Link
SafeX A Gas Efficient MultiSig Implementation. Link
Only Dust An interactive tutorial to get you up and running with StarkNet. Link


Everything you need to know for the hackathon!


Monday, April 25th

09:30 amOpening talk and explanations

Argent Talk

Nethermind Talk

Code. Code. Code some more


This is a 24H event – You can stay in the venue and code all night if you’d like

StarkWare team members will be there to help with any question


Tuesday, April 26th

07:00 am – Present your project and judging panel

Ending Ceremony

* Food and beverages will be provided throughout the event


Building together is fun!
If you already have a team, you can mention it when you register.
If you don’t have a team yet, we will have a designated channel for people to team up.
The hackathon is getting closer and you still don’t have a team? Let us know and we will assist you.