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Encode X StarkNet Autumn Hackathon Oct 3-30 Online
StarkNet Brussels Meetup Oct 5 Brussels
Web3 Lagos Conference 2022 Oct 6-8 Lagos
Eth LATAM Bogota – Ethereum Scalability: A Story of Decentralization Oct 10 Bogota
Devcon Bogota Oct 11-14 Bogota
Cocktails and conversations in the sky Oct 11 Bogota
New Paradigms by Unique L2s Oct 12 Bogota
StarkCon Pune Meetup Oct 15 Pune
StarkCon IIT Guwahati Oct 29 Guwahati
WomenHack – Conference & Hackathon Oct 30 Lisbon
StarkNet CC  Oct 31 – Nov 1 Lisbon




StarkNet CC Oct 31 – Nov 1 Lisbon
Token 2049 London Nov 9-10 London




ETH India Dec 2-4 Bengaluru



Past Events

Paris StarkNetCC | Watch
Amsterdam StarkNet Hackathon | Read More