Immutable: Protocol Engineer



Engineers will be exposed to novel research and applications of practical cryptography at scale in rollup systems i.e. StarkEx / StarkNet. They’ll also be involved in the research, design and implementation of some of the very first layer-2 building blocks for NFTs such as a limit order DEX, asset bridges across our multi-layer system (L1-L2-LN?), trading primitives (AMM / sharding / fractionalisation of NFTs, auctions, derivatives and more) as well as setting the gold standard for the rest of the DeFi / NFT ecosystem on areas such as token, bridging, metadata and royalty standards among others.



Most of the work here will require deep prerequisite knowledge of smart contracts and layer-1 systems and ideally but not necessarily practical experience in field arithmetics, cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs (commitment schemes), DeFi (decentralised financial systems), and layer-2 rollup systems.


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