Cairo Coding Workshops


Setting up your local developer environment for local testing

Beerus Light Client Overview

Counterfactual deployment from the inside

Yet another (much-needed) workshop on Account Abstraction

Setting up a StarkNet dev environment with Docker

#6 Contributing to Kakarot

Contributing to Kakarot, the ZK-EVM written in Cairo

#5 Running StarkNet indexers

#4 Unit testing with Protostar

#3 Remote controlled accounts. Let's build some L1 and L2 zombies!

#2 Diving into Cairo

#1 Account Abstraction

#0 Solve to Mint

Cairo 101


Coding Session

Building a Vue.js FrontEnd for StarkNet

StarkNet ERC721 Workshop

StarkNet 101 Workshop

What is it, how it works, and why it will blow your mind

StarkNet Voting Workshop

Introduction to Smart Contracts

StarkNet in Coming

StarkNet Contract Deployment Demo


State Alignment

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