StarkNet Edu

StarkNet ByteSized Series

StarkNet ByteSized is a series of short videos where we cover contract writing in StarkNet – From simple StarkNet deployment, all the way up to L1 to L2 interactions


#1 - Introduction

#2 - Account Contracts

#3 - StarkNet Contract Basics

#4 - Compile, Deploy and Interact with the Contract

#5 - Fundamentals of Contract Writing

#6 - Fundamentals of Contract Writing - Demo

#7 - Layer 1 to Layer 2 Interaction

#8 - Layer 1 to Layer 2 Interaction - Demo

Encode x StarkNet Autumn Hackathon

A series of workshops that were given as part of the Encode X StarkNet hackathon on October 2022

Launch Event

dApp-Wallet Integration, A Walk Through for New dApp Projects

Introduction to Cairo

How to build a dApp in Cairo

NFTs on StarkNet

How To Build Better NFTs with Briq

Bridging on StarkNet

Aave Ethereum / StarkNet Bridge

Aira Pitch

Ciriverse Pitch

Hybrid Quadratic-Voting Pitch

Starkwill Pitch

Starkx Pitch

Streamify Pitch

Teresa Pitch

ToT (Token of Things & Things of Token) Pitch

Encode x StarkNet Hack

A series of five workshops organized around Encode X StarkNet hackathon – a four-week hackathon dedicated to new and innovative dApps on StarkNet


StarkNet Hack Launch + StarkNet Intro

StarkNet Wallets & Accounts + Syntax

StarkNet ERC20 + ERC721

StarkNet JS

StarkNet L1-L2 Messaging Workshop

Aave Ethereum / StarkNet Bridge

Aira Pitch