Building on StarkNet

Developers can write and deploy their own contracts on StarkNet to achieve unlimited scale – without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.

Your use of the StarkNet Alpha is under these terms of use.

Building a StarkNet Project? Check out the links below for useful information

  • Hello, StarkNet – Start your way with StarkNet tutorial
  • Technical Documentation – Learn about StarkNet features and API
  • Developer ToolsFind the tools you need for building, testing, and deploying your contract
  • Recorded Tutorials – Watch StarkNet hands-on tutorials and go through the different stages of building your contract
  • Community Links – Read posts and tutorials written by individual members of the StarkNet community
  • StarkNet Playground – Follow the lessons, write and test your contracts on this playground
  • Community Jobs – Look for job openings in the StarkNet ecosystem, or submit an open position for your own team
  • Audit Service Companies – Reach out to one of the designated teams to have your StarkNet contracts audited

Need more information? Check out the links below